Make Sauerkraut & Kimchi

All you will need to create your own delicious fermented vegetables are vegetables, salt, water, and some basic kitchen materials! Fermenting vegetables through wild fermentation (the use of wild yeasts and bacteria to initiate fermentation) is a healthy, enlivening practice that will help restore the balance of beneficial microbes in your gut and introduce you to a world of new flavors. In this workshop, you will learn how to ferment cabbage, beans, carrots, peppers, and myriad other vegetables as a method for preserving the harvest without the use of any modern conveniences. Emphasis will be on cabbage ferments such as sauerkraut and kimchi but techniques and recipes for other types of ferments will be provided as well.

This workshop may end early and not require the full two and a half hours. Possibility of food stains. Wear appropriate clothes or bring an apron.




Times Break Total Hours
July 22nd, July 23rd 9:30am – 12:00pm NA 2.5 hours


INSTRUCTOR Jereme Zimmerman
LOCATION Broadway Center – 204 North Broadway
PRICE $55.00 (Includes materials and ingredients for fermenting two quart jars of vegetables, handouts with recipes, instructor contact information and additional resources.)
AGE 12 & Up (Under 18 must be accompanied by a participating parent or legal guardian.)
TAKE HOME Two quart jars filled with water, salt, spices, chopped cabbage, and other vegetables that participants will take home and ferment, along with handouts with recipes.
NOTES This workshop may end early and not require the full two and a half hours. Possibility of food stains. Wear appropriate clothes or bring an apron.

NOTE TO EDUCATORS: Educators attending this session will receive a link to on-line cross-curricular connection possibilities, a resource list, suggested classroom activities based on skills and concepts covered in the session and aligned with KY Academic Standards, and a certificate of participation for professional learning documentation.

Jereme Zimmerman

Jereme Zimmerman is the author of Make Mead Like a Viking and writer for New Pioneer, Backwoods Home, Hobby Farms and other homesteading and sustainable living mags. He is also a regular presenter at natural living conferences such as the Mother Earth News Fair and the Weston A. Price Foundation Wise Traditions Conference. He was raised and homeschooled in northern Kentucky on Twin Meadows Nubians goat farm. After obtaining his undergraduate in English from Berea College, he spent more than seven years living in the Pacific Northwest, where he learned how to brew beer. Upon returning to Kentucky, he launched his journey into learning about, emulating and documenting ancient practices in making mead, beer, wine and fermented foods. He lives in Berea, Kentucky with his wife, Jenna, and daughters, Sadie and Maisie.

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