Dwan Finney

Early in my youth when still very shy, I used my drawings to observe the behaviors of strangers from afar without much suspicion. Drawing from behind my sketchpad allowed note taking on how each person held themselves, moved their arms as they talked, or when they smiled during conversations.

I became more comfortable with others as the years passed by. Conversing and interacting with people up close allowed greater perception of the nuances I saw before. These attempts at social interactions sprouted from my own insecurities and desire to figure out how and where I fit in, but as I matured into an adult I chose to use my art as a study and celebration of the unique qualities each person has.

I use figurative oil paintings and graphite drawings to express insight on the subject. The models I choose are often friends and close acquaintances for this purpose. I desire to show diversity and representation in the community with my art as a means to connect people through mutual understanding of each other.

The complex intricacies found in a person’s posture, facial expressions, or interactions with the environment can speak volumes on who they are and how they feel. It is with these moments of intimacy that I intend to convey and explore the subtleties of human nature.

Dwan Finney
Berea Art Accelerator Program Fellow

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