Jesse Glenn

My artwork is visceral, using bold colors, hard lines, and vivid detail to convey emotion and depth. I use vibrant hues and energetic shapes to express beauty and meaning. I want my work to connect with people on a personal, nostalgic level. Although nostalgia is sometimes triggered by intense feelings, it often results in improving one’s mood and heightening positive emotions. I want my art to do the same.

My background in computer graphics and art history allow me to successfully merge design with fine art. I use various design and illustration tools to create a digital image. I then sketch the finished composition onto canvas and paint it using defined angles, precise detail, and expert composition. I enjoy using acrylics because they are bright, bold, and extremely resourceful; accurately depicting the mood I want my paintings to convey.

In my current work, I am exploring the relationship between color and emotion, between shape and perception. I paint personal, deep rooted experiences in an attempt to capture the human condition. My work is representational yet non-realistic, depicting familiar sentiments in a truly unique way.

Jesse Glenn
Art Accelerator Fellow
J Glenn Modern Art