Jonathon Dazo

​Making pottery is an adventure. Waiting for pots to become leather hard. Trimming that custom foot. Decorate the surface of the vessel. Imagining what glaze makes stamps and etchings appear best is my favorite part. Then to have all of that work be out of your control during the last kiln fire is like waiting for the resolution of a good story. In the end that is what pottery is to me. It is all about the experience.

I make my vessels primarily using white stoneware and porcelain with a palette of vibrant glaze colors. My texture designs and stamp work are inspired by the finer details found in nature. Using polymer clay, I create stamps, marbled colors and bead canes to bring a different perspective to ceramics as an art form. Polymer clay is my means of creating stamps without having to use ceramics or a kiln to create new designs; it is fast to make and is limited only by my own perceptions and creativity. My idea of art is remaining perceptive of the details of surroundings, while also being open to new means to an end when it comes to invention.

My vessels reinforce my views on perception by creating work that has no set interpretation. Stamping work with fish skeletons show details when glazed, but can also act as a reminder of how ocean life is dying. The ginkgo leaves on bowls and cups are a reminder of autumn, while also paying homage to an annual display of leaves falling all at once. Themes of nature appear often in my art because it is based on my perception of the world. Sometimes people move too fast to focus on what is around them. My view of life is seen through enjoying the journey instead of the destination. And when the journey is over, you share the experience.

Jonathon Dazo
Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, Resident Artist

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