Judson Steinback

Judson Steinback resides in La Crosse, WI, a beautiful city nestled between the rolling hills of the upper Mississippi River Valley. There he plays and performs with several bands, including the Leafhoppers, Walk Old Shoe, and as a session musician. Judson has 18 years experience playing, performing, and teaching the mountain dulcimer. While his main focus is on traditional music, he enjoys learning, teaching, and playing a variety of styles including bluegrass, classical, blues, and even the occasional pop tune. Judson holds a master’s degree in education, enabling him to bring a variety of teaching methods and styles to his dulcimer workshops. His playing style is dynamic, rhythmical, and just plain fun. When not teaching or playing music, he runs a sustainable landscaping and construction company, enjoys spending time with his two daughters, and gets out paddling or fly-fishing whenever he has a moment to spare.