Sara Gallimore

Forever a misfit, I have never quite fit in anywhere. My hometown of Dresden, Tennessee, a rural community in the northwest of the state, was known for farming and high school football games, neither of which held my interest. Cartoons and comics were my love. Sci-fi, fantasy, and horror books inspired my imagination. Tales of forbidden love and dangerous adventures inspired me to want more from life. Time spent roaming my grandparents’ farm fueled my fascination with the natural world, from animals to the cosmos. My head has always been in the clouds.

I inherited my artistry and outsider status from my parents. My mother taught me various arts and crafts and my father taught me about comics and the internet, a huge influence on a young girl in the early ‘90s. Having access to digital illustration software early on in childhood expanded my drawing and design talents. I am thankful for how my parents fostered my creativity.

Since I was a young woman I have felt as though it is my duty to help change the world for the better. My particular interest is in seeing social progress for marginalized folk. I use art in this endeavor. Through comical representations of people and some offbeat, edgy humor, I hope to make my audience laugh but also challenge them to question cultural mores.

I have had a uniquely interdisciplinary printmaking education. In five years and with five different mentors, I have learned to print in traditional methods such as linoleum block printing, more technical skills such as screen printing, and I have developed my own brand of digital illustration and design.