PlayThink Movement & Art Festival 2018
Jun 13, 2018 - Jun 17, 2018 / Share

PlayThink is a community. PlayThink is an adventure. PlayThink is for EVERYONE!
PlayThink Movement & Arts Festival is a community centered around movement, adventure, inspiration, and mindful living. Whatever your flow may be, there is a home for it at PlayThink! Our festival provides a unique transformational experience through a plethora of activities, workshops, music and so much more, all set in the natural splendor of our favorite Kentucky holler.
PlayThink is a family festival and unconditionally welcomes all ages. It is a place for friends and families to discover together, have fun together, and create memories to last a lifetime. PlayThink is a celebration of art, sustainability, music, performance, movement, and life itself; full of unique opportunities for exploration, discovery, relaxation and connection. For more information visit