​Take a beautiful hike through the nature preserve area dedicated to former Berea College President, John B. Stephenson.

In 1850, this area of southern Madison County was called the Glade. There was no town, just a loose community of scattered farms known primarily for its racetrack and citizens who were sympathetic to emancipation.

​In 1854, Fee built his home upon the ridge. In 1855, a one-room school, which also served as a church on Sundays, was built on a lot contributed by a neighbor.

​The startled railroad surveyor dropped his notebook as his surveying instrument focused on a brick structure extending above the forest canopy.

​Learn about the history of Berea’s well-known Boone Tavern!

​In the spring of 1853, local politician Cassius Clay offered land to the Reverend John G. Fee if he would bring his family and settle the area. Fee’s one-room schoolhouse, established in 1855, eventually became Berea College.

​Walk in Daniel Boone’s footsteps!

​The 1.4-acre site of the Berea Urban Farm was assembled from three separate land purchases throughout the summer and early Fall of 2013. The majority of the property was purchased by a local couple, while a smaller portion was bought by the City of Berea/Berea Tourism.