In 1850, this area of southern Madison County was called the Glade. There was no town, just a loose community of scattered farms known primarily for its racetrack and citizens who were sympathetic to emancipation.

​In 1854, Fee built his home upon the ridge. In 1855, a one-room school, which also served as a church on Sundays, was built on a lot contributed by a neighbor.

​The startled railroad surveyor dropped his notebook as his surveying instrument focused on a brick structure extending above the forest canopy.

​Learn about the history of Berea’s well-known Boone Tavern!

​In the spring of 1853, local politician Cassius Clay offered land to the Reverend John G. Fee if he would bring his family and settle the area. Fee’s one-room schoolhouse, established in 1855, eventually became Berea College.

​Walk in Daniel Boone’s footsteps!

​The 1.4-acre site of the Berea Urban Farm was assembled from three separate land purchases throughout the summer and early Fall of 2013. The majority of the property was purchased by a local couple, while a smaller portion was bought by the City of Berea/Berea Tourism.