Battle of the Blacksmiths

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Compete with fellow smiths from all over the region for exciting prizes and the title of Berea’s Greatest Blacksmith!

Berea Tourism is excited to present the first Berea Battle of the Blacksmiths! The event will include two distinct challenges, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Challenges will be announced at the event and will include both functional and decorative components designed to test smiths’ abilities to make both practical and aesthetic pieces. Participants will be provided with all equipment to compete in the challenges except the afternoon “open” challenge, where competitors have the option to bring their own forging equipment and compete in a separate category. Demonstrations by experienced smiths will take place after each competition, giving participants and spectators the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the blacksmithing process. We invite everyone with blacksmithing experience to join us for this exciting new event!

All tools, equipment, and materials necessary to complete the challenges will be provided to participants registered for the Morning Challenge and the Afternoon Challenge - Equipment Provided section. These tools and equipment include:

• Small anvil
• Bullseye Bucket Forge
• Clamp plate for basic sawing, bending, and hot work
• Set of tongs
• Set of vice grips
• Hacksaw
• Two hammers
• Round & flat files
• Cold & hot chisels
• Cold & hot punches

The material required for each challenge will be provided and consists of pieces of 3/8” round stock. The number of pieces provided may differ between the morning and afternoon challenges, but each participant will be supplied with enough material to complete the challenge.

Participants have the option to register for the Afternoon Challenge - Bring Your Own Equipment (BYOE) section, where they will bring and use their own forge and compete in a separate category from those using the Bullseye Bucket Forges. Space will be provided for forge set-up for those interested in this option. Participants in the BYOE section will be expected to bring the same tools as listed above (with the exception of the Bullseye Bucket Forge), as there are necessary to complete the challenge. There are no requirements or stipulations on the type of forge (coal, gas, etc.) that participants in the category may bring. If your equipment has special or unique set-up requirements, please contact us before registering to ensure that your forge can be set up at our event venue.

Participants are not permitted to use tools and equipment beyond those listed above, regardless of the category they compete in.

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