Make It, Take It, Give It!

Let this year’s gift come from more than your heart, let it come from your hands. Weekends during the holiday season, November 24th thru December 17th, 2017.

With the guidance of expert artisans and master craftspeople (and using their equipment), you can create a handmade gift worthy of becoming a family heirloom. Or you can “gift” a workshop to a special person and let them enjoy expressing their creativity. Better yet, come together and celebrate the joy of making something with your own hands and imaginations. Whether your interest is painting, glass blowing, or jewelry, the Make It, Take It, Give It! has something for you. Select from workshops that last two hours to twelve hours to pursue your interest in fiber arts, blacksmithing, woodworking, stained glass or professional learning for educators. You can even make your very own ornaments or a fireplace broom! Many classes are youth friendly, so bring your kids or grandkids, enroll them in the youth offerings or join them and create together.

This is a great tradition for family and friends!


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